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A Sweeter Hair Removal Method

Sugaring is a Safe, All Natural and Eco-Friendly Alternative to Waxing.

Free of fragrance and synthetic chemicals, BAESUGAR uses only premium grade, certified organic sugaring paste that is made from just sugar, lemon and water. This makes it the perfect hypo-allergenic solution for most skin types, including sensitive & reactive skin.

Sugaring will never tear or burn your skin like traditional waxing methods. Sugar is heated just above room temperature and adheres only to the hair and dead skin cells.

This gentler technique of removing the hair in the same direction of hair growth results in less hair breakage and fewer ingrowns. And because sugar is water soluble, the paste is able to seep into the hair follicle allowing for it to adhere closer to the root and pick up shorter hairs, resulting in slower overall hair growth between appointments.

Leave Feeling Smooth and Clean 💛 ​

Both hydrating and naturally exfoliating, your sugaring service will leave the skin feeling nicer, softer, and brighter than ever. And never worry about bits of wax getting stuck to your skin—any leftover sticky sugar paste is easily dissolved with a cloth and warm water for hassle-free clean up post-service!

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